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But after I finished writing The Golden Mean, I knew my project was only half-finished.That was such a male book, but I wanted to look at the female world also. Annabel Lyon: I really wanted to show her as being caught between two worlds: the rationalism of her father, and the god and goddesses and kitchens and slaves of the traditional female world.Daphne Wood: Hi Annabel - looking forward to discussing your book today.Among our book club members we all shared our favourite have a favourite scene in this novel or one that resonates with you the most? In The Golden Mean it was definitely the description of Aristotle's infant daughter, because that was really a description of my own infant daughter. Melanie Jackson: Annabel, Tracy mentioned this in an article about you, and I have to say I'm curious, too: The cover illo of Pythias looks so much like you!

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In The Sweet Girl, it's not so much particular scenes as tiny details that I was able to incorporate - the enormous speculum Pythias carries around is in a case in the Archeological Museum in Athens, for instance, and the spiny burnet they use for packing breakables is referred to by archeologists as the "bubble wrap of the ancient world" for this very reason. Was this intentional by the publisher and designer?